Data feed hosting external feed returning 404 error

If you are hosting an external feed built on your servers in Sailthru and are seeing a 404 error returned when you try to preview the feed, it could be due to the Content-type of the feed. 

com.sailthru.commons.feeds.HttpDataFeedNotFoundException: Data feed URL not found. Response code: 404

Alternatively, you may also see a {"error": "Unsupported Content-type: binary/octet-stream"} error returned in the browser when trying to load the Sailthru feed URL in the browser.

Sailthru feeds require the Content-type to be application/json and the source feed URL needs to be able to load the content within the browser. If copy-pasting the feed source URL into the browser automatically downloads a file, then Sailthru will be unable to read the feed, and thus the 404 error or Content-type error is returned.

Changing the content-type header to "application/json" can help fix the issue. 

Additional resource:

You need to change the Content-Type. From the S3 console, right click on the object and select Properties then it’s under Metadata.