Why aren't my clicks being tracked?

Ensure link tracking is enabled in Sailthru.

If email is being sent via triggered emails(transactionals):
• Go to the Communications --> Templates --> Select template --> Basic tab
• Check "Link Tracking?" is set to "Yes".


If email is being sent via campaigns:
• Go to Communications --> Campaigns --> Sent --> Select campaign --> Jump to Design --> Advanced --> Link Setup
• Check "Use Link Tracking" is set to "Yes".


I have "Link Tracking" enabled but there are no clicks on the Clickmap.

There are several different reasons why a Clickmap will not show clicks although they are present in the Links tab. Here is what you should check:

1. Check the HTML and ensure there are not any HTML errors. If there is one slight error that creates an invalid HTML break, the clicks the follow will not be properly tracked via the Clickmap. Please keep in mind: the clicks will still be clickable, however, it will create the inability to track accordingly.

2. If the click does not contain http://
When clicking a link and redirects to a http:// link, if http:// is not in the code, this will not be accounted for within the Clickmap tab.

3. The HTML layout overlaps where the click totals are visible. If the creative does not contain <tr> and/or <td> tags as well as any unclosed anchor tags, this will prevent the click total icon from being viewed within the Clickmap tab. 

4. The link is a Sailthru hosted page. At this time, we do not support tracking clicks for any Sailthru hosted page.