How to export users who signed up through an Overlay

If you're looking to export users who signed up to your User Signup Overlay, you'll want to make sure you're either: 

  1. Adding them to a specific list.
  2. Setting a source var.

Either option will help ensure you can identify which users signed up through the Overlay.


Option 1: Static list

Creating a static list will give you more control in exporting all users who signed up through the Overlay, or users who signed up within a specific date range.

  1. Create a list on the Lists page where your new users can be added to.
  2. In the Overlay editor, select the type as User Signup.
  3. Select the new list you created in the Destination List. The list must exist in the account to appear in the drop down.
  4. Optional: You can add the users to just the master list in your account, or include the master list as a second list to add the users to.
  5. Optional but recommended: Still set a value for the source var, so you can track where users came from in the Source Signup Report.
  6. Then on the Lists page, export your destination list as normal.


You can also create a smart list off your destination list in Audience Builder to find users whose subscription date to the source list is within a specific time. Export the smart list as any other list.



Option 2: Source var

While you can set the source var for Option 1 as well, you may find that you launched an overlay setting the source var, but did not add users to a destination list or you were adding them to the master list. If that occurred, you can build a Smart List of all the users in your account who have the source var. 

  1. In Audience Builder, select your master list as the source list (if you had this set as the Destination list) or All Users in Database (if you did not add users to a Destination list).
  2. Select the "Field: Exists, Contains, Is" criterion and set it to "source is <sourceFieldValue>". 
  3. Create a Smart List, which you can then export as any normal list. 

<sourceVarValue> is to be replaced with the actual Source Field Value inputted in the Overlay editor.