Plus (+) symbol breaking links in emails when both Link Tracking and Google Analytics enabled


Plus symbols (+) can be interchangeably used as a space within the context of a URL and are commonly implemented in this way on the world wide web. As such, when Google Analytics are enabled, our Link Tracking functionality interprets them in this way and URL encodes the symbol as "%20". However, this can cause problems when the plus symbol is not intended to be interpreted as a space and causes the link to become invalid. An example of this is the + symbol contained within Google Plus pages such as NASA's - This URL works when fine when browsed to directly, however, results in a 404 not found error when included in a Sailthru email with both link tracking and GA enabled:



You can workaround this by manually URL encoding the + symbol in the HTML of the template or campaign by changing the + sign within the link to "%2B". For example 

 <a href="">NASA</a>

would become:

<a href="">NASA</a>

and would subsequently allow the page to load successfully when clicked on from an email: