How are Uninstalls tracked?

Carnival knows a mobile app has been uninstalled on a device based on responses from the push notification services provided by Apple or Google. An attempt to send a push notification with the token of that device will receive a "Device Not Found" response from the notification service provider and Carnival will know that the app has been uninstalled on that device.

You can see small numbers of uninstalls throughout the day when a regular push notification is sent.

In addition, Carnival also performs a "silent" push daily to check the status of all the mobile devices in our database and update accordingly. When exporting your uninstalls report, you may notice a single hour in the day where there is a spike in installs from the daily. silent push.



Uninstalls Report

To see how many users uninstalled the app, or how many apps were found to be uninstalled during the silent push notification, navigate to INSTALLS under the Analytics menu. Select the UNINSTALLS tab. After setting your preferred date range, click the export icon to the right of the date selector. You can select HOURLY DATA to see the uninstalls broken down by the hour for your selected date range.