Not receiving or registering Push Notifications

While you're setting up your app with Carnival, you may want to test sending yourself in-app messages and push notifications. However, during testing you may find that your push notifications are not being received or Carnival is not registering your push notification setting in the Logs: 



There are some common troubleshooting steps that can be taken to identify what the issue is.

  • Are you able to find your Device ID in the logs? If not, this can happen if you are testing production pushes to a development app.
  • Is your APNS environment set to sandbox or production? To check, unzip the app and get the entitlements.mobileprovision file and see what the value of aps-environment is. You can also verify the value when exporting the app in Xcode

    It’s possible the dev app you’re testing has been signed with a development provisioning profile, and you are sending pushes using Dashboard, which can only point to production-enabled devices. If you are using sandbox, make sure you use our Notifications API with the {development: true} flag enabled. For more details, refer to our Notifications API and select the "Development Gateway" example.

  • Make sure your project is enabled for Push Notifications in Xcode (Xcode 8 in particular has a bug that resets this setting).


When should the APNS environment be set to sandbox vs production?

The correct value is production when:
- You are using a development app on Carnival
- You are using a development build
- You will only be testing notifications from Dashboard only
- You can't or don’t want to use the Notifications API

The correct value is sandbox when:
- You are using a development or production app on Carnival, or you have a single app
- You are using a development build
- You DO NOT want to test notifications from Dashboard only
- You do want to use the Notifications API

Further steps on troubleshooting push notifications can be found here: