Magento 2 Key Features and UI Overview


- Download the Magento 2 plugin from Github -
- Get the module via Composer and run the following command from Terminal: 
           composer require sailthru/sailthru-magento2-extension
- To enable the module, run this:
           bin/magento module:enable Sailthru_Magesail
- Next, go to Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sailthru to configure. Refer to our documentation guide for additional setup information.

Key Features

  • Integration with Sailthru's Personalize JS and Site Personalization Manager (SPM)
  • Auto-synched product tags to the Content Library by leveraging existing product attributes, keywords and SEO as Sailthru interest tags
  • Sailthru Lists now appear as drop-down menu selections instead of user input fields to reduce input errors
  • Magento now supports "Master" and "Variant" products. (ie. Master = A specific T-Shirt, Variant = a blue version of that same specific T-Shirt)
  • Compatibility with Inventory Connect 
  • Magento 2 is completely modularized and customizable 

List Configuration screen:

Content Configuration screen:

Content (Product Tags section) Configuration (to automatically retrieve tags from SEO keywords, categories or product attribute) :

Transactionals Configuration screen:

General Transactional options: