Site Personalization Manager (SPM): Sailthru_PC cookie Overview

The sailthru_pc cookie (or "Sailthru Purchase Cookie") is a necessary aspect for purchase attribution and revenue reporting in SPM (Site Personalization Manager). How this works is that the value of the sailthru_pc cookie will be used as part of the "cookies" parameter of a Purchase API call. 

The SPM Javascript automatically handles the cookie drop. Your website developers will not need to modify the sailthru_pc cookie initially. 

The cookie value is comprised of the following:

- MD5 hash of the browsing user's product URLs
- SectionID of the SPM section that the purchase originated from
- List ID (if applicable)
- Test Segment ID
- Test Group ID
- Group ID

Currently as of this writing, Test Segment ID, Test Group ID and Group ID default to four zeros (0000) since they are unused.

Since we record the user's 10 most recent browsed product URLs, the string value of the cookie itself will keep appending and growing until 10 URLs are visited (which can result in a very long string).

Here is an example of a sailthru_pc cookie value for a user that views a single product URL on a SPM section:


Despite the fact that the string value can potentially be very long, the ENTIRE cookie value must be passed in the "cookies" parameter of a Purchase API call. If done so correctly, Sailthru will be able to attribute the purchase to SPM's reporting metrics page.