Setting Vars on Link Clicks: Differences with Test Sends

When using Sailthru's "set user vars on link click" feature with the "sailthru_vars" link parameter, be mindful of the two instances in which this feature will probably be tested in.

For example, given the following link:


Different results will result from the following TEST SENDS:

Campaign (Blast) Test Send - The link click WILL NOT set the var on the user profile.

Template (Transactional) Test Send - The link click will be recognized and the var WILL SET on the user's profile.

The reason for this is simple: Sailthru doesn't recognize the click event for campaign test sends, but we will recognize clicks from transactional test sends.

Since the click event is a vital component for this set-var-on-click feature to work, it's best to test send a campaign blast to a small list of internal users OR to copy the code directly into a template, and send the test from there.