Channel Analytics FAQs

How does Channel Analytics differ from the core Sailthru platform reporting?

As we have continued to innovate and develop the capabilities and features of our core Sailthru platform, we have always recognized a need for analysis tools to meet the varying needs of our customers.


The goal has always been to enable you as the marketer to reach your customers on a 1:1 level with marketing messages at the right time and the right channel (mobile, email, onsite). The reporting in the core platform supports this focus and is there to help clients measure the performance of various marketing messages with real time dashboards and robust campaign metrics.


Channel Analytics allows for a deeper level of insight into your day to day email marketing efforts through pre-loaded dashboards and reports. You’ll be able to create custom reports, schedule reports to be sent to your email address on a regular basis, and see trends over time in your campaign and transactional email performance.


The media and commerce dashboards both have four main dashboard tabs: Executive Summary, Campaign Performance, Transactional Performance, and Delivery Stats.


How do I get started?

If you are fully implemented with Sailthru, it only takes a flick of the switch to turn Channel Analytics on and to allow you to access your dashboard. We can have your data up and running within a day or two. There are no technical requirements for getting started; all we’ll need from your team is a list of approved users.


Can I pass data directly to Channel Analytics?

No; any data you wish to access in Channel Analytics must first be captured in the Sailthru core platform. That said, we encourage you to pass us as much data as you have on record, as those data points will be passed to Channel Analytics seamlessly and will empower you to conduct much richer analysis.


How frequently is the data  updated?

Data sets are refreshed nightly, so you expect all of your data and reports to be updated by 9am local time.


Does the tool only report on revenue and pageviews attributed to email?

The data in Channel Analytics represents all revenue and pageview data from your entire ecosystem; the Purchase API and Personalization Engine Javascript ensure that we’re able to track everything, regardless of whether or not the engagement is attributable to email. Any data or reports that are specific to email will be clearly labeled accordingly.


Will the data match my internal  systems?

Because Sailthru leverages an API for purchase data (versus a Javascript pixel), our numbers tend to match clients’ internal systems very closely.


How do I see more of the product?

Take the Walk me Tour! It’s the best way to gain initial familiarity and don’t be shy to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.


Is there a limit on how many users can access the  platform?

Not at all, ­you can have as many seats as needed. Simply send your Customer Success Manager a list of the email addresses for those who need access and we’ll have their accounts set up quickly from there. You might also want to let us know which users should have editor (e.g. access to building and editing reports) versus read ­only rights.


What currency / timezone is the data in?

All data is specific to your local time zone (congruent to your master Sailthru account) and you can select which currency is reflected on the dashboard.