Universal Links/Link Tracking

As of April 2016, our Product team is finalizing a solution for Universal Links that can work in conjunction with Link Tracking and hosting SSL certs.  As a temporary workaround to provide Universal Links in campaigns, clients can disable Link Tracking (see screenshot below) to ensure URLs navigate to their specific app.  Clients must ensure that the URLs which navigate to their app environments appear exactly as they do within their apple-app-association-files on their web servers.

With Link Tracking disabled, click stats will not be available for a campaign, however users will be redirected to your native app when clicking URLs that are referenced within their apple-app-association-file.

For more information on how to setup apple-app-association-files, please visit the link below.

NOTE: Universal Links will not work with Recurring Campaigns, as Link Tracking is always enabled in this instance, even if disabled at the template level.