How to Check for Vars in Content

Content Feeds can now be filtered by custom vars set within articles. 


However, Recommendation Manager or Content Lookup does not display custom vars in articles at this time.

If there is an article that should be pulled into a specific Content Feed based on a var, here is how you can check if the var exists and if the syntax of the var name and/or var value is correct within the UI.

First, grab the URL of the article that should be pulled into the Content Feed. Ensure the article exists in the Content Library by placing the URL in the search engine of the platform.

If the content exists, let's check if the var/value are correct/match the criteria needed for the Content Feed.

Go to the API test tool here. Do a GET content call with the following parameters:

{"url":"enter URL of article here"}

Then click Submit. The response should look like this: