Testing Overlays on live site regardless of targeting rules

One of the testing features for an Overlay is to test on a live site without displaying it to end users. 

      1. In overlay editor's Targeting tab, set your overlay's "When" condition to be a very large number of page views, example: 5000.
      2. Complete all other settings on the overlay as normal.
      3. Set the overlay to be active.
      4. Visit the site's pages in question as a visitor (e.g. anonymous visitors). You want to ensure your users are not seeing it by accident.
      5. Visit the site page you want to test the overlay on. 
      6. Use Chrome Dev Tools or use a Chrome Extension for modifying cookies, such as EditThisCookie. Alternatively, add two Sailthru tags to the URL you would like to preview the Overlay on. 


Editing Cookie value:

      1. Look for a sailthru_pageviews cookie. Modify the value to 5000 to meet the Page view rules set in Step 1.
      2. Refresh the page and the overlay will appear.
      3. It is recommended you deactivate the overlay after testing.


Applying Sailthru tags to URL.

  1. Visit the site's pages in question as a visitor (e.g. anonymous visitors) to see the overlay and ensure they are not seeing it by accident yet.
  2. Visit the pages with the URL fragments added following a #: STshowOverlay=1 and STpageviewsOverride=1.
  3. Example: