Site Personalization Manager: SPM Troubleshooting Tips


It's important to ask yourself the following questions first to identify the approach we should take to resolve the SPM issue:

- Can this be troubleshooted via the SPM UI or within Sailthru?
- Do we need to access my website for more information?
- Can this be replicated consistently? What conditions must be met in order for the section to render? 

TIP #1: If my account has multiple SPM Sections, I find it most useful to pull a list of Section IDs on the screen using the GET/Section API call (with empty parameters) from the API test tool first.

For example:


That way, all the section IDs readily available for search/reference.

TIP #2: Attempt to identify if the problem can be resolved without accessing the website.

Sometimes, the section may be misbehaving because of a syntax error.

For example, in the SPM sections UI - we can preview the rules/logic and onsite templates. 


However, for troubleshooting, we should refrain from editing the problematic SPM Sections directly, as this can potentially break the section on a live site. 

Instead, we can copy/paste the Onsite Template code to the Code tab on a new Email Template (or Campaign) along with the Section Rules and if applicable, the data feed to the feed URL.  The rules can be pasted before the onsite template code in the Code tab or the Advanced tab's Setup box:


Tip #3: If the section does not have a HTML-Onsite Template and is using a JSON-template instead, you can consider copy and pasting the above {foreach} Zephyr code to mimic a visual return for the SPM Section UI's preview. Feel free to add or remove content fields as necessary:

{foreach content as c}
<img src="{c.images.full.url}" width="50" height="50">

From this environment, we can safely test out any Section code and Rule logic to ensure it's behaving as expected:

Tip #4: If the issue must be investigated from the website - confirm if SPM is using Simple or Custom mode. Use Google Chrome's Inspector tool and the Network tab to verify all proper calls are being sent. 

Simple Mode Checklist:

- Only one instance of the Sailthru SPM JS should be loaded onsite
- At least one Simple call request (with a visitor ID appended):

Custom Mode Checklist:

- One Sailthru SPM JS file loaded with the "isCustom":true parameter
- Two Initialize calls (one GET and one OPTIONS)
- Two Personalize calls are made (one GET and one OPTIONS) with Section-IDs appended
- An Impression call when the section is visible
- A Pageview call that indicates a pageview was credited to the viewing URL

When troubleshooting Custom Mode, it's important to note exactly which Section IDs are appearing on the page (see Tip #1). From there, we should be able to match and confirm which SPM Sections are appearing (or not appearing) and need further investigation.