"INVALID_PARAMETERS" error when requesting the GCM token

Older SDKs may have had an error relating to INVALID_PARAMETERS, so make sure you are using v4.0.1 or newer.

You can also verify your Sender ID is correctly set. The Google Sender Id is set in Carnival under the "Settings > Developer" section for Android.

Finally, make sure there is a "Device Registered with GCM" message shortly after the error.

For example:

07-26 08:02:45.030 21885-21913/com.example.ui.debug E/Carnival: GCM Registration Error INVALID_PARAMETERS
07-26 08:02:45.456 21885-21913/com.example.ui.debug D/Carnival: Device Registered with Carnival: 597892f4e022910007808c87
07-26 08:02:46.275 21885-21913/com.example.ui.debug D/Carnival: Device registered with GCM

If you are seeing these, you do not need to be concerned about INVALID_PARAMETERS. This happens when GCM responds with a failure, or when Carnival fails to register the device with GCM (for example due to network issues). When this happens, Carnival simply tries to register the device (there is no limit to the number of retries). In the example provided, Carnival tried to register, got INVALID_PARAMETERS from GCM, then succeeded upon trying again.

If you continue to see the INVALID_PARAMETERS without any success after retry, please reach out to with details of your setup.