Identifying your Device using Audience

To identify your device, the first place to look is the Device Logs. The Devlce Logs is sorted by most recently opened app. If you open the app, you should see your device appear at the top of the logs. However, if the app has a high volume of traffic, your open may be pushed down further into the logs.

The workaround would be to target or narrow down your device via Audience. To do this there will need to be some way to confidently identify the device. To see if any identifying attributes are being set on Devices, you can look at any random device within the Device Log in your Settings.

With this information, you can create an audience using the identifying information about your device -- e.g. location, OS, or a custom attribute you know confidently is being set on your device -- to help target your device or narrow down the list of matching devices.

In the below screenshot, an Audience was created using a combination of location/timezone + device model + device OS + device OS version + install date + last open date (information that can be be linked to the device being targeted):



This helped narrow down the list of potential devices to two devices: