Obtaining Device ID from Charles (iOS)

Before you start, make sure that your computer and your phone share the same wifi network.

Download and install Charles from Open Charles and enable SSL proxying.

From the Proxy menu, select SSL Proxying Settings. In the window that appears, set these values:

  • Host: *
  • Port: *

Click OK. Your window should look like this:


Next, you need to install a root certificate on your phone. To do so, navigate to Help -> SSL Proxying -> Install Charles Root Certificate on a Mobile Device or Remote Browser.

Before clicking OK, take a note of the colon-separated numbers that appear in the dialog. In this example, the numbers are Your numbers may be different.


The first set of numbers before the colon ( in this case) is the Server, while the numbers after the colon (8888 in this example) identify the Port.

Make sure you take a note of the server and the port. In this example:

  • Server:
  • Port: 8888

Next, open your device Settings, then tap Wi-Fi. Select your wifi network, then tap the detail icon next to the signal strength icon.


In the next screen, scroll to the bottom to the HTTP Proxy section. Select Manual. In the Server field, add the server information you got from Charles. Also, add the port information in the Port field.


Next, go back to your Home screen and open Safari. In the address bar, type:

Follow the instructions. In the Settings screen, tap Install.


Your Charles configuration is complete.


Obtain your Device ID

Now, go back to Charles on your laptop. Open your app on your phone. You will see a list of requests in your Charles window.

Identify the requests to You can type in the Filter field to show Carnival requests only.


Click on any request that starts with /v7/devices, and double click the URL in the bottom half of the window:


A window will appear. Copy the content of the window. Note that the combination of letters and numbers will be different from the example.


Send this URL over to Sailthru.


Restore Proxy Settings on your device

Do not forget to restore the Proxy Settings in your device configuration. Open your phone Settings, then tap Wi-Fi. Tap the detail icon (see screenshot above).

Scroll down to HTTP Proxy and select Off.