Push Notification and In-App Message behavior

If you just publish a message with no push attached, the user's flow will not be interrupted by the roll down -- because we assume a marketer views an in-app only message as "not high enough value to interrupt what my user is doing". A work around is to attach a silent push to the in-app message to trigger a notification. Below is an outline on default behaviors, but if your app is using a custom stream, there could be a few differences.

PUSH only:
  • User receives push, or badge if using, based on having a valid token (ie., user's device is opted into push).
  • Tapping on push will open the app, or to a deep link if deep link is added to the message.

IN-APP message + PUSH (including silent push):
1. If app is closed, and user is opted into push:
  • The device will receive push.
  • If the user taps on push, push will take the user to the full screen message detail or to the deep link page, if included.
  • If the user doesn't tap on the push when it's received, they will see it as an in-app notification the next time they open the app (or whatever the latest unread message is).
2. If app is open (regardless of opt-in status):
  • The user will receive the in-app notification.
  • Tapping on the notification leads to the full screen detail page.
  • If the user doesn't tap on the in-app notification, the message will just be in the stream for them to self-navigate to.
3. If app is closed, and user is not opted into push:
  • The next time the user opens the app, they will receive an in-app notification with the last unread message.

IN-APP message only:
  • If the user is in the app at time of message send, the message will simply appear in the Message Stream. When the user navigates to the stream, the stream calls to Carnival for latest messages.
  • If the user doesn't self-navigate to the stream, the next time they open the app, they will see the last unread message as an in-app notification.