Facebook: How to Set up a Lead Form

Here is a Step by Step guide on how to create a Facebook Lead Form. This will be required if you would like to utilize Lead Ads. 

To start, from the FB Ad Manager, -

1. When asked for the objective of your ad campaign, select Lead Generation:

Picking other objectives will not necessarily allow you to create a Lead Form. 

2. Next under the "Ad Set" step, associate a FB page with the Ad account (if it doesn't already exist). Be sure to accept Facebook's terms of service first before associating any page with the Ad set.

3. When you are ready to edit the Lead Form (found under the "Ad" step) -- you can customize the Welcome Screen, collected user fields (ie. Email, Full Name, DOB, Job Title, etc) and custom questions (as in the example Lead Form below):

Note: Unlike the user information fields - any data collected from Custom Questions DO NOT get sent or stored in Sailthru.