Mobile: Messages (for In-App) and Notifications (for Push) vs Automated view

In the Carival interface under the Messages drop down, you can select to view messages for In-App and Push. When viewing In-App, the top menu has an option for "Messages" and "Automated"; when viewing Push, the top menu has the option for "Notifications" and "Automated". 

Messages/Notifications and Automated are views that sort the different types of messages the marketer has created; these are not tabs to create those specific types of messages. The "Create New" button in each view creates the same type of message.

Then, once the message is published, it is sorted into either Messages or Automated. 

  • The messages that appear under Messages (when selecting In-App) or Notifications (when selecting Push) are scheduled or published one-time messages.
  • The messages that appear under Automated are triggered based on behavior when someone enters/exits an audience.