Targeting users based on engagement with the app

As a marketer, you may want to provide treat your highly engaged users with special offers as a way to thank them for always returning to the app. With the same concept in mind, you may want to engage the "medium engaged" or "low engaged" users -- users who are more rarely returning to the app -- differently. 

While there currently isn't an out-of-the-box solution for this yet, you could easily create a custom attribute or custom event that tracks how much of a super user the customer is, and then target based on that. 

Best way to do this would be through a Custom Event so that you have more control in changing the definition over time as you test out frequency of messaging streams to be more aligned with what the different levels of engaged users want.

For example, you can create a Custom Event on app opens (or purchases, or whatever metric you want to use to measure user engagement).

And then set up a few audiences based on that. For example:

  • Highly Engaged Users: "Opened more than 10 times in past 30 days"
  • Medium Engaged Users: "Opened 5 times in past 30 days"
  • Low Engaged Users: "Open 2 times in the past 30 days"